Square 1 Art

October 22nd to November 2nd 2019

DEADLINE IS November 5, 2019

1. Online www.square1art.com
2. Phone 888.332.3294
3. Custom Catalog with your student’s very own artwork and name printed on the front.
If you need a replacement form, you can print one out HERE.
The Square 1 Art fundraiser is a great way to focus on your child’s accomplishments while also creating a memorable keepsake that will last well after they are out of school.
Along with creating exciting ways to display your child’s artwork, parents are able to purchase a “school tile” that will be placed on the wall outside your child’s classroom.  Over the years, students have come to love looking back at their tiles from years past as they walk the halls.


Chair: Karishma Atkisson – [email protected]




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