Meet the PTO

Meet the PTO

The Richmond Elementary PTO is a group of parents, guardians, family members, teachers and staff working to help better the education of our children.  The PTO gives parents, guardians and family members the opportunity to stay informed of what is happening in the schools. The PTO is a great place to share ideas and a fun way to become active participants in their student’s education.  Working together, we can truly make a difference.

Please reach out if you have any questions.  Want to volunteer?  Check out the calendar for our next meeting or fill out a volunteer form.  Engaged families make for great schools!

Meet the PTO Board



Shellie Callahan


[email protected]

Shellie and her husband are originally from California and have lived in Texas and Indiana before moving to Richmond RI in 2006.  Their daughter is in sixth grade at CMS and their son is in fourth grade at RES.  Shellie enjoys balancing her time between work, kid’s activities and PTO.

Shellie’s favorite part of being in the PTO: Being part of making our great school even better. 


Robin Woodmansee


[email protected]

Robin and her husband were both raised in Chariho and are very excited to raise their children here too!  They have two girls, one in kindergarten and one in third grade.  They also have four furbabies that are a huge part of the family.  When not participating in sports and activities, you can find the whole family in Orlando, Florida as they are huge Disney and Universal fans.

Robin’s favorite part of being in the PTO: She loves being part of the Richmond School PTO and, most importantly, the Chariho community. We have an amazing school system and being a part of the PTO allows her to give back.  She started coming to PTO meetings as soon as her oldest child entered kindergarten  and has really enjoyed being a part of the special events and the support the PTO provides.


Julie McGovern


[email protected]

Julie is a Navy Brat and has lived all over the country.  After graduating from URI, Julie and her husband moved to Richmond in 2009.  They have a daughter in second grade at RES (and two cats and a dog!). When she is not working, Julie is happiest with her toes in the sand.  She also enjoys traveling, hiking, biking and kayaking.

Julie’s favorite part of being in the PTO: Magic happens when the staff, parents and students come together at RES!  She loves being part of making special memories for her daughter and the rest of the school community. 


Kristin Svenningsen-Haxton


[email protected]

Kristin is happy to be back in the Chariho community and a part of the Richmond School PTO.  She grew up in Charlestown and graduated from CHS before moving away for many years, having recently returned to Richmond with her husband and two sons.  Kristin works full-time in North Kingstown and enjoys spending time with her family and meeting life’s challenges with equanimity whenever possible.

Kristin’s favorite part of being in the PTO:  She feels very fortunate to be part of the Richmond School PTO board, a position that affords such a great opportunity to meet other parents while being involved in her children’s school, education and community at large.


Melissa Silva


[email protected]

Melissa is a SAHM for her two girls.  She enjoys doing family-fun activities with her husband and children.  She also likes baking, crafting, being creative, gardening and the outdoors.

Melissa’s favorite part of being in the PTO: she loves being involved and connected to the students, families, teachers and staff at RES.  We have a terrific community here in Richmond and she is proud to be a part of that.



Lisa Parr

Communications Chair

[email protected]

Lisa is a SAH/WFHM of two who is at her best when busy. She loves reading, animals, gardening, hiking, traveling and being involved with her community.  Lisa is an advocate for, and great supporter of, maintaining Chariho as one of the top educational school districts in Rhode Island.

Lisa’s favorite part of being in the PTO: She enjoys discovering and contributing to the overwhelmingly positive impact the PTO has on our children and our school system as a whole. From providing monetary aid to supporting peers and parents alike, the PTO at RES has been a remarkable resource. 


Joni Broughton

Fundraising Chair

[email protected]

Joni is a full-time SAHM of twins (though she is rarely at home!). She enjoys spending time outdoors in active pursuits with her kids, husband, dog and/or friends.  Joni loves to travel and appreciates the many experiences it brings.

Joni’s favorite part of being in the PTO:  Joni became active in the PTO because she wanted to meet other parents and be involved in her daughters’ educational experience. It didn’t take long for Joni to realize how essential the PTO is in providing vast experiences to students, families, staff and the community.  She feels it is important for school community and families to come together.  She is looking forward to exciting opportunities and meeting new people. 


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